Lions, Roses & Sunshine

Another sun drenched Sunday!  How lucky are we?

Don't want to jinx the weather oh no!  Please not cold, not yet  This autumn is far too beautiful to give up just yet!

A morning was spent at Ashton Court Estate.

Yes, a lion came along for a ride...

The rose garden was still in full bloom, even though we had our first frost last night.

I think this has to be my favourite rose in the whole garden.  It smells wonderful too.

I have, for the past 5 years, been wanting to paint the front of our house.  At the moment it is ugly brown pebble dash, with green peeling paint on the windows (sounds divine, doesn't it?!) 

Every time I come into the Rose Garden at Ashton Court Estate, I start to dream about painting the front white and have pale blue/grey windows and front door.  Then I will grow a pink rose like this up the front.  If only I knew it's name!

Yes I have a thing for yellow!

I hope you all enjoyed the sun this weekend.

Here's to another sunny week (please).


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