My 100th Birthday!

I can hardly believe it!   This is my 100th post.  100 entries of my ramblings, thoughts, makes, recipes, family life... it has gone past so quickly.

I started this blog back in March when we became proper allotmenteers, as I wanted to document everything we did in our lives with the lottie.  But to be honest I hardly blog about the allotment now.  Littlegreenshed has become a place where I come to record our family life, to meet like minded creative souls and to share.

Yes, to share.  I have shared my world with you as you wonderful people have shared it all with me.  I have 'met' some fantastically creative souls who inspire and encourage, whose daily blog reads fill me with such delight, awe and happiness.

Thank you! 

So to say thank you to you lovely people I am celebrating my 100th post with a little giveaway.

The prize?

A jar of my award winning Strawberry Jam, plus some other lovely little things which I will keep as a surprise to the winner.

All you need to do is leave me a lovely comment and grab yourself a button from over there at the top (I hope it works!). 
I will announce the winner on Sunday 31st October.

Good luck everyone!  Spread the love and share this yummy giveaway with your friends.


Hello everyone! It seems we are having problems with selecting the code using the mouse (I guessed it wouldn't go smoothly!).

Best way to do it is as Bristol Parenting Cafe suggests. Click on the code, hold down the shift key and then arrow down to select all the text. Then ctrl c to copy it to your html page on your blog.

I hope this works!


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