1st Sunday of Advent

Today is the first Sunday of Advent.

We aren't a particularly religious family, but since having my children I found a new interest in sharing customs, beliefs and rituals with them.

I think it is important for the boys to know why we celebrate certain things, Christmas, Easter, Solstice, May Day etc.

I know that School will teach them many of these things, but by bringing it in to the home, I believe re-enforces the true spirit of Christmas and that it isn't all about the man in red and presents.

The word advent. to me, conjures up images of the Blue Peter Advent Crown.

John Noak's wrapping 4 wire coat hangers with tinsel and attaching candles at the ends.

Each week I would look forward to the Blue Peter team lighting a further candle, bringing Christmas closer week by week.

I haven't been that inventive with my advent candles, but I hope by lighting a candle tonight and explaining what it means, I've done my little bit.

Charlie was quite ill last night.  Full on throwing up on the bathroom floor!  Delightful.  Completely missed the loo (on two occasions!).  Thanks to Dr Daddy, he was alright.

So today, we have been at home all day.  In fact Charlie hasn't stepped out of his PJ's.. he loved the thought of being able to just go back to bed.

I pootled on with making some items for Christmas.

I threaded dried Rosehips (left over from making the Syrup) onto green garden wire and shaped them into hearts.  God only knows why I didn't do this when they were fresh, as some of the hips had dried as hard as nails, and other just smashed to bits as I pushed the wire through.  Leaving the itchy insides all over my fingers... yes very itchy!

I also carried on making some more star garlands, alternating sizes of stars.  Looks quite effective.

I also made my first Christmas gift.

This pencil roll.

I am totally happy with the result!  There is enough for 12 pencils or felt pens and I've added a little pocket to the side for ruler, stickers, pencil sharpener etc.

I know a certain little girl who will love this come Christmas, now I just need to make one for her sister.

Dan was also Mr Busy today. Last year he made wooden reindeer's for our parents as part of their Christmas makes hamper. We give a large basket of homemade goodies, such as Jams, Sloe Gin, Knitted Hotwater Bottle covers etc.

Last year I really wished he had made me one.  So today he made a whole herd!

It was great seeing him getting stuck into making with wood.  Sawdust all over the kitchen floor, the boys squirrelling around making shapes in it and building with the offcuts.

Not the best photo, sorry!

He still needs to sand & paint them, so when they are finished I will show you!

So that was Sunday... happy start of Advent.

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend.

Have a great week.


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