True Friendship

Today a friend of mine came to lunch.  We have been friends for many years
, went to India together, worked together, she was there when Dan and I met and was part of our daily lives for a long time.

Antonia moved away some years ago, and we lost contact because of busy lives, having children and just time moving too fast! (you know how it is... but really it's no excuse).

Since this time, my two boys have grown, and she has had a daughter herself (Isobel) who is now 2.

Today is my first time in 2 and half years of seeing Ant - and it was like we haven't been apart.

Yes, it was emotional... became teary eyed several times.  But, we were soon chatting like I saw her yesterday.

A sign of true friendship!

Her daughter is the sweetest girl I have ever met.  Charlie & Rufus were totally taken by her cheeky charm... like a little sister playing with them.

As Ant left, we vowed we wouldn't leave it so long .... I hope not, I hadn't realised how much I had missed her and that feeling of complete relaxed acceptance from a true friend.