I have posted often about my love of pattern and wallpaper.

I even went through a vintage wallpaper shortlist, and how I love these 1960's & 70's floral prints.  They fill me with such happiness.   I think it must be the mix of nostalgia, loud buxom blooms, the colour and the fact you just really don't see these wallpapers around anymore.

I also wrote about this wonderful home and Lisbeths use of vintage pattern... sigh!

But when it came down to buying the wallpaper all the way from Belgium it would cost me £60!!  For 2 rolls and shipping... hmm not so enamoured.

So, I have thought long and hard, searched ebay for a cheaper solution.  I had some sample delivered from Wallpaperdirect - but these all seem to be too now, too try hard... it's difficult to describe.

I want that vintage vibe!

Then I came across this:

I was sold!

Fabric fans will probably recognise this as the work of Amy Butler, well she has gone and designed wallpaper too! (This may well already be news, it's just new to me, sorry!).

I am very, very excited.  It has been ordered and it's on it's way!

And do you want to know the best bit?

I got it off ebay for £8 a roll!

Yes £8!

Whoop, whoop... happy days!