5 photos & 5 things....

I am taking part in meetmeatmikes game: 5 photos, 5 things... here goes:

1. My favourite creature is the Owl.  I have loved owls since a small child.  And whilst travelling I visited a witch doctor in South Africa who told me my guardian animal (we all have one apparently) was a large tawny owl - which totally freaked me!

2. I travelled for 5 years in the 90's.  Visited many countries and met some inspiring people and some people I wish to forget.  It changed who I am as a person, and for that I am enternally grateful.

3. I love photography.  I daily fall deeper in love with it.

4. I dream of owning a cottage, campervan, treehouse, teepee, boat.... it changes.

5. I can't grow beetroot.  And it is my favourite vegetable!  The irony!

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