Christmas Bake

This afternoon Rufus and I had a little Christmas Bake.

Using this recipe from here, which to be honest made far to much dough, I would half the quantities next time.

He loved stiring the mixture and splashing it around the kitchen.

He said the rolling and the cutting was just like playdough.

Stars and silver baubles went flying over the kitchen floor!

Not much stayed on the biscuits.

But Ru loved being a chef for a few hours.

Unfortunately, we are going to have throw the whole lot away.

Rufus and I fear all of us, have come down with a bad tummy bug.  He has spent the rest of the day on the toilet, poor little man.

So we have convinced him, that these Gingerbread Biscuits are for Father Christmas and his Elves, and we are putting them in a box to post off to the North Pole.

Such a shame!  All his hard work... can hardly give them to family now...

 biscuit & bug anyone?


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