For Me? Oh why thankyou!

This morning I have logged on to find two lovely surprises. 

Firstly I have reached 80 followers ?!!!  How did that happen?  Thank you to everyone who has joined my blog and actually reads my nonsense about family life here... and how all of you leave such beautiful, heartfelt and encouraging comments... you really bring happiness everytime I read them.

Secondly, I have won a Stylish Blog Award!  Blimey... really?  My first award since starting this blog  The award has come from the lovely bearsfootprints blog  - thank you!

So part of the award I have to list 7 things about me, {deep breath} here goes:

1. When I was a young girl I was a tom boy and at weekends and school holidays I used to throw on my navy blue cord dungarees and run out to the field where there was ponies and stay there with them until I was too hungry.  I must have looked a mess... scruffy hair, not washed or teeth brushed and just a pair of dirty dungarees!

2.When I was about 8, I competed in a local gymkana.  On that morning I  hacked across country to get the event. Once there I discovered I could jump and rode poor little Snowy over and over the same jump all morning.  When it came to my potato & spoon race., Snowy was so tired he refused to move and I came last!

3. I travelled in the 90's for 5 years.  Visited many many countries and worked in all manner of jobs from waitress, cleaner, an extra in a vodka commerical in South Africa, bulb packer in Holland, jewellery maker in Israel.  Travelling became part of my life and I feel very privilidged that I have seen amazing places and met some incredible people.

4. I learnt to play the Violin & recorder when I was a small child, and now wish I had kept them up.

5. When I was pregnant with Charlie I spent a lovely weekend camping in a tipi in Cornwall, followed by the next weekend sleeping in Blenheim palace, to places of extreme differences.

6. I have an obsession with mid century items... and love to own furniture from the 1950's... shame my home is just too small {and lack of funds!} prevent me for fulfilling my needs.

7. I always thought I would have girls, and ended up with two wild boys.... but I am the right mother for the job, looking back at my past lives!

So, apparently I have to pass this onto other worthy blogs, so here goes:

Sew Obsessed

There are many other blogs which really enjoy and love to read including Flora & Purl, Bristol Parenting Cafe, Tabiboo, A Bun Can Dance  ... I could go on! I haven't included you guys because you have all received awards fairly recently by other people... sorry!  But I thought I would mention you all too, cos you all rock!

So, there you go.  Looks like the sun is peeping out... better get on with Sunday!  Have a lovely day.