fun filled weekend...

This weekend we visited Whipsnade Zoo, stayed overnight in a hotel and had a BBQ with family.  It was a fun filled action packed weekend.

Whipsnade was wonderful.  We saw Elephants and giraffes which the boys hadn't seen before.  I think the giraffes were my favourite.  They are enormous and so so graceful.  Both Ru & Charlie loved the seals the best, partly because they sprayed the audience with a hose!

The following day, we headed over to my Nan's home.  She has lived in the same house all my life, and visiting is like stepping back into my memories as a child.  I love her garden, over grown and large.  Huge trees and shrubs dominate, once these were small, we used to hide amongst them.  Now my sons tumble around, finding their own dens.

I loved hanging out with my family, feeling relaxed and seeing the boys happy.  Something we need to do more often.

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