hello...the other side

So, this is me. 40.
Don't look much different to 39 really... just a bit relieved this milestone has passed and I can move on.
My birthday was last Tuesday.  I was treated to shopping in Bath, in particular Walcot Street.  With it's mix of vintage shops, skandi design shops and cafes.  Heaven for a girl like me.
I treated myself to this (thanks mum!) from here, and spent the rest of the day walking on air.
Tuesday evening Dan and I had dinner at Jamie's Italian.  I do not ever want to eat anywhere else again!  Nothing will live up to the quality of food!  It was such an amazing dining experience.... total yum!  Thank you Mel for babysitting.

The following day we quickly packed and drove to Cornwall for the next leg of my birthday celebration adventure!  More of that on the next post........

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