the dragon/dino/crocodille party...

Well we did it.
We held a dragon/dino/crocodille party for our now 4 year old Rufus.
It was actually quite okay... 8 boys 3,4 & 5 in ages.. dressed up.
We did dinosaur decorating.  The house is still covered in green glitter.
Pin the tail on the dragon.
Musical statues and musical bumps.
Pass the parcel and generally running around being quite scary.
The boys loved the tails and having their faces painted.
My two looked incredibly scary with their faces painted.
The cake if you can't tell is supposed to be a crocodile...ahem!
One of the boys said it looked like it was covered in slime... yeah....just it eat it!
So that was that.... 4th parties are now over in this house... next one will be a 6th... maybe I'll do that outside somewhere!

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