good bye September...

Well September you were an 'unusual' and action packed month.
Charlie went back to school into Year 1. And Rufus started pre-school and settled in so well, making lots of new friends.
Rufus, my little baby, turned 4.  He has grown so much, constantly asking questions, such as 'how do you make a car?' or 'where do bats live'?
I went to London, not to visit the Queen, but to make to new lovely friends.
We went on some crazy adventures and met a hero.
September, you threw all kinds of weather at us.  Freezing cold nights, which made me dig out warm blankets and rugs and seriously think about installing a fire into our lounge.  Rain... so much Rain that our kitchen leaked.
But now, September your final sunshining glorious flourish before you fade away until next year.
Wow, September you blessed us with a second summer...
Thank you!

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