I woke this morning in need of some exercise, good food and happiness.
We have been ill at home for over a month now, each one of us coming down with one illness or another.
This morning it just got to me... I've had enough!
Charlie is recovering from his ear infection and after being cooped up at home for the past few days we all need to breathe some fresh air in our lungs.
So this morning we took the boys to the new mountain bike track up in Leigh woods... they squealed with delight as they rode round.  The colours of the leaves were gorgeously golden, a real sight for sore eyes.
For lunch we headed back to our neighbourhood for North African Haloumi Skewers in the Souk Kitchen - totally yum.  I love it in there, our new family favourite.
We wandered the market and spotted Rufus' favourite - the bear.
A perfect Sunday.
p.s. I start my new job tomorrow.... eeek.  Nervous and excited at the same time.  New job here...if you in the area do stop by.
Have a great week.