Charlie Bean is 6...

A busy afternoon preparing for the party - luckily I had superman to help with the blowing up of balloons!
Ok, please don't laugh at the cake!
My icing went slightly lumpy.  Butter was too hard.
But it tasted oh so delicious which is the main thing.
Charlie loved the lego theme, which was great considering he had mainly lego for his birthday!
Last night after school we had a quiet family party with cousins.
We feasted on homemade pizza, played with lego, laughed at the daftness of young boys and recalled memories of birth (well mum and I did, she was there when Charlie was born).
As dusk fell the sky turned golden and we all stood outside to marvel at the most spectacular sunset.
As the sky grew darker we lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday to our boy as he blew out his number 6.

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