Look at this little man!
I get all emotional when I do.
Charlie was 2 years old here... he is soo cute. (slightly biased, of course!)
We were at the Greenman Festival and he has just been stung by a wasp on the cheek.
Stressful times... but look, he is still smiling - bless him.
And look how blonde he is!
Charlie will be 6 tomorrow.
Those years have flown by.
Charlie you are still a gorgeous boy, bright and confident.

This past year you...

* taught yourself to ride a pedal bike
* became school council for your class
* made new friends
* lost two front teeth
* and grew 4 more (including 2 back molars!)
* started going to Beavers
* can ride like the wind on a scooter
* learnt to read on your own
* have become a great illustrator
* was a greedy crocodile in the school play
* can make the best lego models
* have grown about a foot!
* surprise me beyond belief at your knowledge on the universe, lego and Brunel!
* still give the best cuddles
* make your mummy & daddy so very very proud!

We love you little man!

p.s. I am attempting to make this cake today... wish me luck!

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