make do & mend...

Good Morning!
Happy Saturday...
Last night I went along to Cordial & Grace (a new Sewing Cafe here in Bristol) - for their Make do & Mend evening class.
A couple of weeks ago I bought a vintage Mexican Dress on Etsy from the States. It arrived last week only  to find it was made for a woman twice the size of me!
I needed to take it in and up...but wasn't sure on how to go about such a task.
So last night, with a glass of wine and a slice of chocolate brownie, I was guided through the process of changing the tent into a dress that fitted me.
Laura - expertly explained that I needed to completely unpick the seams, then cut out a section and sew it back together, re-inserting the darts at the back so it fell correctly, without swamping me.
There were 3 other ladies there. One was making a delicious be-jewelled corset for a customer of hers.
Another was making cute lavender bags with hand-painted birds on the front.
And another was changing the lining of their coat so it fitted better.
Conversation flowed and my dress slowly came together.
I will be going back next month to complete it.... will you be joining me?

Make do & Mend classes take place the 3rd Friday of every month... booking required. Check out their website for more information and other classes such as patchwork and sewing for beginners.

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