our spring weekend...

An epic weekend.
The sun has shone its heart out... most unseasonally for March, no I am not complaining, just saying!
This weekend we have:
♥ picnicked,
♥ drawn,
♥ pretended to be dinosaurs,
♥ painted my toenails coral red
♥ wore my birki's all weekend
♥ planted onions at the allotment, weeded thistles and cooch grass,
♥ Swooned around the Bespoked Bike Festival,
♥ climbed trees
♥ Eaten cake,
♥ Jumped on a trampoline,
♥ Charlie went to his bestie's birthday party and saw a giant millipede (Pete the Bugman was in attendance),
♥ cleared the back garden of all traces of toddler toys,
♥ tried on vintage dresses at the mshed,
♥ bought a pair of 70's sunglasses, a mid-century plate & a 70's tea towel,
♥ ate choc ices in the back garden,
♥ made a grapple arm out of lego technic,
♥ ate homemade lasagne,
♥ drank red wine,
♥ laughed at Rufus dancing.
♥ lapped up every - single - ray - of - sunshine........

how was yours?

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