sunshine award...

I've recently been awarded the sunshine award by Tracey.. thank you!
I have to answer the following questions and then pass the ray of sunshine to 5 other worthy sun filled bloggers...

Here goes:

Colour: Yellow - but I am also loving neon pink and navy blue too!
Animal: Difficult. Not much of an animal lover since having my kids. But pushed - polar bear.
Non-alcoholic drink: Green Tea - preferably Canton Pouchong Loose Leaf Tea - YUM
Facebook or Twitter: Really? Can I say neither, they annoy the hell out of me!
Getting or giving presents: Both! No that's selfish.  Giving, I get super excited about wrapping.
Flower: Cosmos
PatternTriangle or Scandi

Passion: Photography, Mid-Century design, my kids 
Number: 5

Okay I am passing it on to...
Rachel, Lizeylou, Claire, Nell, & Jo

All lovely ladies, who all bring sunshine.