Guest Post - Flora of Through the Round Window

I am pleased to introduce my very first guest blogger....
The lovely and very talented Flora Jamieson of Through the Round Window blog.
If you haven't discovered Flora yet... you must!
She makes the most gorgeous stained glass creations and her talent is enviable.
I love her work, her blog and, well her!
Flora has written a little house tour of her lovely home in Bridport, Dorset, UK.
Reminds me of a home you'd might find on The Selby!
Full of colour, character and a home that is loved!
Over to Flora... 

A Typical Saturday Morning.

Our house is a converted shambles (an old fashioned butchers) hidden away down a narrow alley, but right in the middle of town.  On a Saturday morning we can hear the hustle and bustle of the market and the oompapa of the band playing in the town square.  We'll nip over the road to the baker's for a freshly baked sourdough loaf, and put the coffee on.  Passing friends usually drop in for a coffee and if they're lucky, a bacon sandwich.  The kids go and rampage around the garden.  Sometimes we barely finish saying goodbye to one set of visitors before another set arrives... Kettle on again!

1. Living Room - We got the sheepskin rugs on the sofa from friends of ours who have a smallholding.
2. Bookshelf - I'm addicted to house porn books, Mike to cookbooks.
3. Bugs - Mike has been collecting these for a while.  The kids love 'em.
4. Drawing room - part kids play/craft room, part office, part lounge.  Usually very messy.
5. Kitchen - I love it, but I'm a bit bored of red. I want to paint it orange now.
6.  Peg Doll - There's all sorts of random shizzle around our house.
7. Bedroom - The bedspread is from Ikea (about 10 years ago - does that count as vintage Ikea?!)
8. Isla's room main - The teepee was such a good buy - somewhere to keep all the (hundreds of) soft toys she possesses!
9. Paper Dolls - Nelly drew these a few years ago and I love them so much.  I keep promising her I'll open an Etsy shop of all her sketches, but I haven't got round to it yet.
10. Workshop - Currently, this is the only part worth photographing, the workbench is a terrible mess.
11.  Nutcrackers - Found these in a charity shop.  They live on the kitchen windowsill.


I think you will agree, Flora has the most beautiful home!
And next time I am down Bridport way, I am knocking on the door for a cuppa!
Please have a look at her links, her glass creations are unique and beautiful!
Thank you Flora for an insight into your home and a typical Saturday morning!

Flora is having a give away right now over on her blog.  You just need to pop over and leave a comment, to be in with a chance of winning one of her gorgeous stained glass creations! GO!!!