summer holidays...

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I need a holiday!
A proper family holiday like I can remember when I was a child.
We spent our camping summers in Pembrokeshire, Dorset and North Devon.
Weeks of camping in our old metal framed tent.  Dad would spend hours erecting it. Our Yorkshire Terrier, Pip, would be barking madly at everything, it's lead tied to the door of the car.
Mum would say 'go off and explore' - in other words 'stay out of dad's way'!
As a child in the 70's it was wonderful - I loved it.
I have such sunny beach filled memories of it, that I want my boys to feel that same sense of freedom too.

Woolacombe and North Devon springs to mind. Ah Devon Holidays!  The stuff of memories.

I love big open beaches, washed clean by the tide.
Sand dunes to make fires in and explore, sliding down on your bum!
Or Croyde Bay with it's cool surf culture.  Any of it around that way is beautiful.

The only problem I have with camping in Devon is actually the tent!
You might remember I can't do camping when it's raining.
Dan is trying to coax me back to it with the promise of a bell tent much like this one:

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But it's still a tent!  Although a rather pretty one.
Maybe I should join the senior citizens and go caravanning!
Is caravanning the domain of the old or can it be cool?
I dunno...
There must be some cool caravan holidays in Devon surely?

Source: via littlegreenshed on Pinterest

We have 6 weeks of summer to fill... and we must brave the British weather and go.
Any tips?
What do you do for the summer/

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