Instagram weekly snippets...

Its been an eventful week this one.
Monday I received my copy of the latest issue of Lionheart Magazine.
Yep that there is Littlegreenshed in print...Dan and I giggle at our bedroom in a magazine, for some reason it's hilarious! (click on the ad over there to order your copy).
Tuesday I was in charge of those monkeys on a pre-school trip to Cattle Country.
A group of 4 year old's running around feeding goats and shouting at Bison.
Wednesday we stripped our wooden floors downstairs... I am never doing it again, ever!
Thursday was my birthday.. I had lots of lovely cards & gifts from family & friends, but spent most of the day cleaning my dusty home.
Thursday evening we went out for tea to celebrate with my boys...the sun actually shone and it was oh so warm!
Friday I received more goodies, Leah Duncan wrapping paper (I'm using it as a poster).. & a print from Fran - thanks hun.
Saturday... today more sanding, cleaning and finally waxing of the flipping floor!!!
tomorrow... is a day of rest isn't it?

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