this man...

In 2 hours time he is setting off on a 4 day bike riding adventure.
Dan is cycling from Bristol to Padstow, Cornwall for charity.
I am going to miss him!
The boys are going to miss him.
I know 4 days isn't really that long in the grand scheme of life, but Dan and I have only ever been apart for a night at a time.
And those nights can probably be counted on one hand!
The boys have never known Daddy to be away....
It's going to feel strange and empty at home.
But Dan needs to do this... he works very hard and is an excellent partner and daddy.
A few days to cut loose, be Dan again.... to think for himself and not as colleague, father or lover.
He is going to have the most awesome adventure and be a richer person from it.
Ride safe my love...

If you would like to sponsor Dan he is riding in aid of Temwa - a Bristol based charity supporting people in Malawi.
His just giving page is here. 
Thank you!