Cornwall part 2 - Barbara Hepworth & St Ives

Barbara Hepworth is one of my heroines... a woman who can sculpt like that and raise 4 children is pretty incredible to me!
I love going to St Ives and visiting her home & garden.  It is always inspiring, calming and thought provoking.
Although a small space, it does pack in such large and tactile sculptures... cold to touch and marked by her hand.
The boys loved to run through the narrow pathways, calling each sculpture their own name... 'this one looks like a duck' 'this one looks like a doh nut'.
The conservatory housed bright red geraniums and amazing looking cacti, but best of all were 3 original Bertoia chairs and a foot stool.  I couldn't actually tear myself away... that conservatory was heaven!
Her studio was beautiful... the tools all laid out just as she would have left it.
I LOVE St Ives... always such a pleasure to visit.

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