life lately & new things...

Just lately life has been a whirlwind of craft, days out and lounging under trees (well maybe the last bit wasn't such a whirlwind - more like some much needed mummy time out!).  These summer holidays have been long and quite frankly brilliant - (apart from the odd bickering and moaning day) I have loved it so much!.


In the evenings I have also been working on my other life!  I've recently made some more postcards.  Every body loves a postcard right?  A little piece of prettiness.

This one is Blossom Geo.  There are 4 cards to choose from, or have them all!  All available in my shop.  

I have some quite beautifully amazing and exciting news coming up in the next month.... so big fingers crossed I can pull it off!  I do hope so.  Lots of nights working on new products... watch this space!