Lionheart Magazine - feature

You might have noticed over there on the right... a blue lion.
If you have clicked on it you will know that it leads to the lair of Lionheart.
A small independent magazine which is the brain child of the awesomely talented Helen Martin.

I picked up a copy of Issue 1 back in November last year and was smitten.  The interviews, the well written stories, the photography, the actual feel of the magazine made me want to keep hold of my copy forever.  Like a well loved book... something to cherish and keep on your bookshelf for years to come.

I looked into it further and came across Helen's website.  Her about page just won me over.  After gushing compliments over Twitter, Helen approached me for Issue 2.


Issue 1 was about Bravery, this issue was about Warmth.  So this how it came about... Me, my home, my illustrations and allotment are featured in Lionheart Magazine.  I am pretty happy about it too.

To be alongside other wonderful people... the likes of local guys The Ethicurean, and friends Fritha Strickland, Homemade Mama, The Owl and the Accordian and Shipshape Studio.

So... do you want a copy?
Of course you do!

Helen has kindly agreed to give away a copy of Issue 2 to one lucky Littlegreenshed reader.
This give away will run for a week, with the winner being announced on Sunday 12th August.
Perfect for summer time lounging in the park or to those southern hemisphere people, a snuggle down on the sofa read.  Yes this give away is open to all worldwide.

In the meantime if you can't wait that long you can buy your copy here.

Good luck!
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