this week...

Gosh it's the weekend again... blimey this week went by fast.
Here are some images of our week.  Or more accurately Monday & Tuesday because the weather the rest of the week as been pretty rubbish.  There's been alot of lego, drawing and watching movies.
I've also been getting lots of headaches.  Stressed I think. The noise in the house sometimes is all too much for me at times.  And being cooped up isn't helping me.
But today the sun is shining and the city is beckoning.  Off to see the new See No Evil on Nelson St - you might remember last years event.  And also Sacrilege is in town too.. BOING! It's going to be fun.

Have a great weekend.

1/2/3 - Paddling in the water pools of Millennium Square
4/5 - Art installation at Arnolfini
6/10 - Arnolfini Cafe
7/8/9 - Matthew Ship on the Harbour
11/12 - BBQ in Ashton Court
13/14 - Ping! Ashton Court...a game worthy of the Olympics!