What a weekend! Every single second of it was filled.
On Saturday we headed to Bristol's centre to bounce on Sacrilege, during it's tour of the UK. It was the hottest day of the year so far and we were wearing all the wrong clothes for some silly reason.  Fifteen minutes of intense bouncing, laughing and all round silliness, I left the henge feeling sticky and in need of better core muscles.  I think I need to go back to Pilates!
Wandering down through the city centre we then went onto See No Evil. After last years event we couldn't wait to dance to Drum & Bass in the street, drink a can of Red Stripe and celebrate what Bristol does best - throw a Street Party. The artwork was incredible once again, the street was packed full of party goers... a festival in the heart of Urban Bristol.
Saturday evening we witnessed a sweet couple dance their first dance, toast their future and became oh so emotional at the sight of love. Friends were wed yesterday in a humanist wedding... the party was full of soul, love and good people.
Today we spent the day with my family. My brother celebrated his 40th birthday. 40. That makes me feel completely old as he is my younger brother (by 1 year!).  We talked about the past, life when we were children. Ate delicious food and cuddled a cute puppy - Archie. The cousins ran and played - much as we did at their age.
The heat intensified this late afternoon, so we headed to our favourite park where there is a large paddling pool for children. My boys striped off and splashed til the water cooled their tempers and relaxed their minds. Whilst Dan and I laid under the shade of a nearby tree and remembered that life is good.