Change of season - change of clothes..

So we have recently started to have a fire on here most nights.  Autumn has come around much quicker than I hoped.

Most days I feel completely under dressed.  Not at all prepared for the colder weather.  I am in desperate need of some new / old / vintage winter clothes.  But from where?

I love to mix it up when it comes to my style.  The dress above is one of my favourites.  A vintage 80's dress from Germany, which I bought on etsy at a snip.  When I think about it, my most favourite clothes are vintage.  But I hate to rummage in a charity shop.  Yes - I really do.  Most of the clothes in there are from Primark anyway and I really don't like their clothes.

No, not a clothes snob.  But I just don't agree with the clothes of a throw away nature.  And how can they sell stuff so cheap?  I do know, I just can't think about it.  So yes, Primark - I don't go there.

So this leads me to where do I shop?  I love Toast and I love Plumo, but they don't love my budget.  I am looking for clothes mid/low budget which are ethical and seriously stylish. Eco fashion but without the hemp.

I've recently heard of my local vintage clothes shop is having a swaparoo.. a kind of swish.  I think I should go.  Have any of you every been swishing?  Is it embarrassing when you try something on and it looks awful but the person who it belongs to is standing right there?  What if everyone is a size 10?  Now that would be embarrassing!!

Eco Fashion has certainly come on recently.  People Tree Atumn/Winter range looks super cute.  With Orla Keily designing part of it.  Gorgeous stuff.  Again outta my league.  

So can we be stylish and ethical on a budget?  There must be some bargains out there that really doesn't cost the Earth!
Tips please!

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