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I've been thinking of holidays for next year.  Need to start saving some pennies!  
Since Rufus has started school and the realisation that I only have weekends and holidays with my kids, makes it all the more important to me to have great school holiday adventures.

Being in Bristol you can't help being seduced by the docks.  There are many a canal boat moored along it's walls.  Some are there permanently as house boats and others are sailed in under the Clifton Suspension Bridge or from the East via the canals.

My boys have always wondered what it must be like to sail away on one.   So I've been thinking of going on a canal boat holiday.  Both boys can swim, they would have to wear life jackets.  But a short break around the Stratford on Avon canals might be wonderful.

When I was 12.  My parents hired a canal boat for a week during the summer holidays.  And we sailed the Thames.  Starting in Oxford and on down to Reading.  I remember helping with the locks, lounging on deck and watching the world go by.  It was bliss - or maybe it was bliss for a 12 year old.  Perhaps my mum would say otherwise!

I think it would be a great adventure for the boys.  Travelling a slower pace of life and seeing the wildlife on the river bank.

What do you think?
Have you ever done a narrow boat holiday?

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