Etsy Shop Love - Butterscotch & Beestings

Cushion Cover - Starry Starry Circus Night (no insert)

Feather headdress with red triangles and teal dots

Betty Butterscotch Crocheted 'Bobblescotch' Hat  (Newborn or Child Size)

Today's Etsy Shop love is Butterscotch & Beestings.
A shop full of circus wonders.
The brainchild behind the shop is the incredibly talented Camilla Westergaard.
Her shop Bio:

My name is Camilla. I've always loved children's books and illustrations, and now I have a little shop called Butterscotch & Beesting where I sell my own stories and illustrations. Butterscotch & Beesting follows the adventures of two of my characters, Miss Betty Butterscotch and Mr Bumblewick Beesting, who are best friends and run an ever-so magical circus. The circus is also home to several troupes of unusual yet remarkably gifted animals, as well as the quite bizarre creatures of the Magical Menagerie.

Everything I make is part of the Butterscotch & Beesting adventure, so the candy bags all have stories on the back that tell you a little bit more about the circus, and the prints and fabrics feature creatures and characters from the circus. All the drawings are by me too. 

I love it all.  If you are in love with circus like I am, then you are going to fall in love with Camilla's creations. I am thinking wouldn't it be a great kids birthday party, all things circus?

Do hop over and say hi to her blog too...

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