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Since being pregnant and having children I made the decision to use a greener way of cleaning my home.  (yes I am going to talk about cleaning.. bare with me!).

I normally use a vinegar and lemon juice for just about everything, except for the loo, washing up and the laundry.  It does the job and smells good too.  I also know that there are no harmful chemicals and toxins that could potentially harm me, my kids or the environment.

Keep it clean and keeping it green, eh?

So when it comes to the dishes and clothes I use Ecover.  And recently I have bought Ecover Zero.  Ecover Zero is from the makers of Ecover.  But with a difference.

Here's what the manufacturers say:

ZERO is Ecover’s new fragrance-free range, specially crafted to give great washing results while being suitable for sensitive skin.

ZERO - our first ever range to be awarded with the stamp of approval from Allergy UK - consists of Laundry Liquid, Washing Powder, Fabric Conditioner and Washing Up Liquid. We chose to focus on these core products as these tend to be the key culprits for irritating skin and causing allergic reactions.  Like all of our products, Ecover ZERO is also made in our ecological factories using only gentle plant-based and mineral ingredients and with no nasties like optical brighteners or phosphates.

Ecover ZERO has been made especially for people with sensitive skin and has been approved by Allergy UK, and we’re  finding that many different types of people are interested in the range, such as eczema sufferers, mums with babies and young kids who don’t like the idea of using unnecessary cleaning ingredients, parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders who have sensitivities, people with allergies to commonly-used fragrances, and people who simply don’t want their clothes to smell of a laundry product.

Rufus has eczema.  And whilst we know it's an allergy to milk that brings it on, I try to use products that are close to his skin to be as pure and natural as possible.  So Ecover Zero is pretty perfect for us.

So if you are thinking of changing or have someone you love who has sensitive skin.. give Ecover Zero a go. You can buy it from here.

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