happy weekend...

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And it's Friday, again... I am very happy about it too.  This short week back at school has been tiring and emotional. Both Charlie and I are happy to have 2 days back as a family again.

Feeling like this does make me question why I send them to school?  I would love to have the opportunity for a year out.  A year of un-schooling, a huge family adventure. Rent our home out here and rent a house somewhere in the south of France for year.  Have an orchard, some chickens... free range eggs and free range kids... a BIG dream.

*sigh* - I have actually been looking at houses on the internet.  I am serious!! (although I haven't worked out  what we would do for money yet).

Anyway... enough dreaming.  This weekend we are seeing two of our lovely friends tie the knot. It shall be a beautiful ceremony and so good to see faces again.

What are your plans?  Enjoying some sunshine I hope?
Whatever you are doing... have the biggest fun.