I'm drawing again...

Yep - I most certainly am drawing again.
After what seem like months, I am working on a series of hand-drawn illustrations designed for Children's Rooms.
First up is Toadstool.

I have a love of Toadstools and all things Fungi. I love to walk into the woods in Autumn and smell it's deep earthy scent.  I love to forage for edible mushrooms - although I am far too scared to cook them, in case I might drop dead!

I have an early childhood memory of gathering large red capped Fly Agaric Toadstools in the Ashridge Forest (close to my Nan's).  I gathered them all up using my jumper as a bag and ran back to show my family.  I must have been 8. Instead of being told they were poisonous, my Nana took them home with us and placed them all on her kitchen windowsill and decorated the house with them.  And why not.  They are beautiful.

I have a small pinterest board - just for Toadstools.  You will probably see my inspiration there.
So what do you think?
Do you love Toadstools too?

Toadstool A3 Print is now available in my big cartel shop.

Also - I have changed the size of the Blossom Geo and Yew Geo.  I think they look better as an A3.

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