It's the first of September.  How time has flown this past year.  As much as it saddens me that summer is fading, I can't help but smile as Autumn is coming on... I do love this time of year.  

The other evening it was dark and gloomy. I lit candles around the home and loved the warming glow.  

This time of year for me is the best.  I think I am a squirrel at heart.  I love to busy myself in the kitchen making jams and chutneys. Storing pumpkins and squashes high on shelves, waiting to be cut open in the depths of winter and turned into delicious soups and curries.

Dan has started to fill the log pile, ready to fire up the burner on cold winter's nights, he really does enjoy foraging for logs and wielding his axe in the back garden.  He too loves the preparation that this season brings.  I am looking through my recipe books for inspiration and pinning delicious winter warming dishes on to my pinterest board

Preparation.  This to me sums up how I feel about autumn. Becoming prepared for the winter months. Making sure we have the fundamentals, food and warmth that will make the winter months so much easier and more enjoyable.  I say food, I mean home made Sloe Gin in front of the fire! ;-)

I know I don't live in the wilds or mountains and are fairly comfortable in my city home.  But there is something so ingrained in us, something that harks back to days of old, where these simple acts of preparation would save our lives in the darkest months ahead.  

I relish in the change of the season, bringing in acorns and conkers for the boys nature table. Crunching leaves in my wellies and breathing in the damp earthy smell of the woods.  Yes Autumn is the best... I cannot wait.

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