sun - day...

Oh my!
What a BEAUTIFUL day it has been.
We woke to the sound of hot air balloons floating over our roof top.  Ballooning in November - bonkers!
But the day was so perfect, I couldn't blame them!  A crisp hard frost had hit Bristol, with glorious sunshine and hazy watery skies.
After feasting on Nutella pancakes for breakfast, we pulled on our woollies and boots. Gathered up my camera and went for an early morning stomp up through Ashton Court.
Sunlight was slanting through the yellow leaves, everything was touched by silver... glistening like fairy dust in the sunshine.
We threw leaves in the air, listened to woodpeckers, ran over the hills and bathed in the Autumnal glory of it all.
Days like these fill me with such joy, it fills me up for the week a head. 
Have a great week.

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