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How are you all doing?  Did you have a wonderful weekend?
Advent has started... and my boys have enjoyed opening the first 2 little packages on their calendar.  Although Rufus was a little miffed that the first one was a reading book and not chocolate!  But he soon got over it.

This weekend I took part in Magpies and I market in the Spiegel tent here in Bristol.  Wow, it was enormous fun.  Selling all my goodies to happy Christmasy people.  Great food, mulled cider and music.  We (Melanie and I) are back there again next Saturday, we cannot wait!  I will show you photos tomorrow.

But the main reason I am here is to announce the winner of my bumper Christmas Giveaway. Gosh such a popular giveaway - 1924 entries!  Can you believe it?!  But the prize is such goodun no wonder there was so many of you who wanted it!

So.... who won?

Lisa from Matildeheartmanech

Well done Lisa!

Thank you to everyone who has entered and THANK YOU to my friends for donating their lovely work to make this giveaway such a fantastic one!

To mark the end of the giveaway I would love to offer everyone who entered 20% off in my shop!  With the code BUMPER20 ;)

I am thinking of doing a seasonal giveaway every couple of months.  Look out for the next bumper giveaway marking Spring!  If you would like to donate something - please contact me!


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