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The snow is slowly melting here lovely friends.  Outside there is a steady drip, drip as the snow is defrosting from the roof.
I have a poorly Rufus home with me at the moment.  He is currently snuggled under a blanket on the sofa, eating an apple, wearing his fluffy bear slippers.  During the day he is ok, it's the night when his temperature rages, and he talks non-sense.  It's is so sad seeing him feeling unwell.  I hope this bug doesn't go to his ears again.. it always does.  Ah well... a few days of cuddles and drawing will see him right.

So whilst, he was watching a Ninjago Lego Dvd, I had a chance to make a little treasury of pretties for you.  If you click on each image above it should take you to the Etsy shop. A little monochrome treasury of  loveliness.
Have a great day!

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