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How are you doing?
No snow here in Bristol yet... I know a lot of people around the country have had some. The boys and I would LOVE a little to make a snowman in.  Come on January do your stuff!  Saying that the weather is very cold (possibly a bit too cold to snow!).

Today I helped with Rufus' class on their school trip to @Bristol - it was both immense fun and at the same time exhausting!  I was in charge of six 4/5 year olds... as they explored the science centre.  Talk about herding cats!

So I am home, cosied up now, ready for bed.  But first I wanted to show you this cosy, colourful home.
I LOVE that blue on the panelling on the walls - such a fresh, spring like colour.  Sometimes just a change of colour in the home brings in new energy to the space.
Lovely isn't it?

More images of this home can be found over here.

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