Kitchen shelves...

Hello dear friends!
Brrr it's a cold wet day here... wind and rain are hammering against my window.  I am not looking forward to picking the boys up from school in a moment.  Not fun.
This weekend Dan and I re-tiled our kitchen.  We had white metro tiles there already from when we renovated it 5 years ago.  But stupidly we used a white grout and over time it had become stained and grimy.   So on Sunday, whilst my parents had the boys, we added 3 more rows of metro tiles, took out the old grout and re-grouted using a charcoal colour.  It looks lovely!  I promise to show you a picture once we've finished it.
My mind has now wandered on to shelves.  We did have shelves originally there, but now we've tiled higher, the brackets and shelves are too high for me to reach - yes I am vertically challenged!
I love the shelves in these two images.  Just simple lengths of plain wood.  Dan has an idea of using some thick ply wood and making an L shape, a back on the wall and a shelf.  I think it might look great.
What do you think?
More images of kitchen inspiration over here.

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