Nature in the home - a series ...

image via here
The temperature here is slowly changing from a mild wet winter to becoming colder.... a proper winter at last.  The rain can just stop... I need crisp golden days please!  
During the winter months, gardening is far from my mind, so I am feeding my green fingered need by looking after my house plants.  A Mother in Laws Tongue is high on my wish list.  I would love one sitting on top of my sideboard - I might just treat myself.

This weeks Nature in the Home belongs to the home of Jenna Brinning via the quite beautiful blog freundevonfreunden.  You can see here that Jenna has a huge love of house plants... every room in her apartment has at least two.  I love this particular image, it shows how light the space is, Jenna's love of mid-century furniture, that gorgeous floor and how house plants can truly compliment a home, giving it sense of life.

Do you have a house plant?  Do tell!