Total white out...



This morning our wishes were answered.
Bristol was covered in a thick blanket of crisp white snow.  The kinda snow that crunches under foot, makes great snowmen, snow that you want to roll around in!  Yes, we did it all.

Once we heard school was closed for the day, we quickly threw on every warm layer we had ready for an Arctic adventure.  Finally, when we had wrestled our boots on over too many pairs of socks, Dan and I pulled the boys on their sledges to the local park.  Snow was so thick we could sledge the entire way there, down the paths, through the snow covered streets, across roads - all around us we saw other families trudging to the park with the obligatory red plastic sledge in tow.

The excitement was contagious.

There were flung ourselves down short, steep slopes, built snow castles and a snow Aslan.  Played angels in the snow and had a wild time with friends.

Soon fingers turned blue so off to the local cafe for hot chocolate and hot chips.
A perfect morning.

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