Bat Boy...

So it's Half Term.  
Days have become slow.  We like it like that.  Mornings are spent playing Lego, drawing, or dressing up.
I love the holidays. I love how happy my boys are.  They love spending time as they please.  Fixing themselves a drink, having an apple, designing a new space station out of Lego.  Becoming Bat Man.

Today we spent time with a good friend, Rufus' bestie, Jasper.  He is a boy much like my own, loving Lego and Superheroes (what boy doesn't).  The days when my children's laughter and squeals fill my ears are the best.  Good times.

Rufus has been dressed like this ALL day.  He scooted down our local high street in full Bat Man costume, oblivious to the smiles from passers by.  I love him for that.

Hope you are enjoying the holidays too.

In other news, I've discovered I have been nominated in the MAD Blog Awards.  Thank you, I am over the moon.  If you would like nominate me (blush) or any other blog you can vote over here.

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