Half term planning...

So Half Term is next week... we are really looking forward to it in this house.  Long slow days filled with eating pancakes, lego building, and adventuring.  And we need it too. Charlie is exhausted, he's limping towards Friday, each morning is becoming more of struggle to get up.  But he is being so good, hardly any moaning.  Rufus is off home again.  High temperature and achy limbs.  I am seriously fed up with viruses!

So... onto some serious Half Term planning.  I like to mix up the days, some with high adventure followed by a slow lego and pyjama day.

Here are a few things we are looking forward to doing:

I hope this will occupy them!  What are you planning this Half Term, please share your tips on entertaining your kids... we could all do with as many good ideas as we can!
I am of course hoping for mild and sunshine filled days, we could all do with some of those.

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