a little sunshine...

Friday is upon us, I am very pleased.  I've not been feeling particularly great this week.  Tired, lethargic and bloated.  I dunno what is wrong with me.  I've stupidly been self diagnosing on the internet (bad idea!) which hasn't helped my mood.  Also Charlie has been off school the past few days with Slap Cheek.  Bright red cheeks and a mottled rash all over.  *sigh* when will we be healthy again?  One of us is always ailing!

So I am determined to shake off my funk this weekend.  If the weather stays sunny then I might dare to set foot up the allotment.  I haven't been there since last September! EEEEK  It is going to look a right mess.

I just want it to look like it does in this picture, full of veg and cut grass, I am feeling a little daunted about the task ahead, getting it looking like that again is going to take a huge effort.  But I realise there is no rush, a little patch at a time.

Yesterday (with the help of Charlie) I sowed some tiny seeds, Chillies, Sunflowers, Broad Beans and Sweet Peas. They are currently in little pots on my windowsill in the kitchen.  I am so looking forward to seeing little green shoots and signs of life.  Sunflowers and Sweet peas, if my plot is filled with these beauties I will be a happy lady.

So what are your plans dear friends?
Please tell me you are off on exciting adventures.

Oh and thank you to all for your comments on the clothes dilemma.  I am planning a follow up post with all that I have found!
Have a wonderful weekend.