Nature in the home- a series...

Image via Laura of Circle of Pine Trees
What is going on with this weather?!  Here in the UK we thought Winter had disappeared, this week it has returned with vengeance, biting our hands and whipping our faces with blustery snow blizzards.

It's the poor spring flowers I feel sorry for.  Last week primroses and daffs opened their yellow faces to the sun, now they are bowing their heads against the ice.  brrrr.

Thank you to everyone who took part in last weeks link up.  It was an absolute pleasure hopping over to see your homes, plants and bouquets.

I love everything in Pippa's house EVERYTHING!  Her macrame, whoooo! And Andrea peeping her little growing babe into the shot, so precious.  To be honest, I just love seeing everyone's entry, it makes me so happy!

What did you love to see when you visited?  The image above is by Laura of Circle of Pine Trees.  Those tiny little yellow flowers in that stunning vintage blue bottle, it just sums up spring, Primroses and daffs.

So, what will you add this week?  I have a new plant in the house.  My kind neighbour has just given me a cutting from her plant which has had since she was at Uni.  Such a lovely gift, I must really look after it.  I will take a photo and post about it when we get some decent light.

For some inspiration please have a look at my Nature in the Home pinterest board.

So over to you.... have fun!  I am really looking forward to seeing yours.