How you doing? Good I hope.

Yesterday whilst walking home from a day out, Lottie spotted these Violets growing in the garden of a run down house (squat) - pretty aren't they.  So we each picked a few to take home.  The glass I found in a skip a couple of years ago it's 1950's I think.  (I've just realised this makes me sound like I frequent squats and skips - I don't honest!).

This image is my entry for this weeks Nature in the Home.  I look forward to seeing yours.

So, it's Saturday, I love Saturday mornings, slowness takes over the house, hanging around in pyjamas listening to music, drawing dragons and drinking coffee - what's not to love.

But the lure of family fun will soon drag us outside.  I think as the weather is grey, wet and cold we are going here, and then soon after I am going here (I wish!).

Tomorrow it's Mothers Day... so we will be visiting grandparents to take flowers and homemade cards.  And then I am having some quality ME time (whatever that means?!)

So whatever your plans are - do have a lovely weekend.  And if you get some pretty booms take a photo, blog about it and add them to my Nature in the Home link up on Wednesday... I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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