Nature in the Home - a series... (Week 9)

Image via Caroline of Scraps of Us
This weeks image is a beauty! This creative display is by Caroline of Scraps of Us and is of  her inspiration wall in her studio. I love that she has a pink hyacinth in a test tube tied to the wall and a couple of pretty seed heads taped up alongside paint swatches & scraps of fabric.  It is truly beautiful.  I've been on ebay to look for a test tube of my own.  Imagine a row of them lining the hall way - wouldn't that be gorgeous with a simple tulip stem in each?

So, how did we all get on with my foraging challenge?  I am excited to see some really creative and unusual plants gathered from all corners of the globe.  I can't wait!  I am looking forward to showing you what I've found.. later in the week for that.

Did you like a challenge?  Shall we do more?
I was thinking we could pick a colour and show that... or would that be too limiting?  What do you think?
Let me know - I am open to suggestions.