Close to the city centre, tucked up behind one of the main shopping streets, lies one of Bristol's treasures, Brandon Hill.  If have ever been to Bristol you will recognise the iconic sight of Cabot Tower on the Bristol skyline.   

Yesterday, the cold wind stopped for just a while and allowed the gentle heat of the April sun to warm our faces. After returning the boys library books we wandered slowly up Park Street for lunch at  Boston Tea Party and then on to Brandon Hill for a wild play. 

The view from the top of the hill is awesome, far reaching across the city.  We spent a while looking for our house and then the boys school.  Soon the lure of an ice-cream called from the Veedoublemoo van - Rufus' eyes stood on stalks at the sight of his smartie covered ice-cream. It was delicious and tasted all that better as it was the first ice-cream of the year.

The boys hill rolled down the steep slope to the play park below.. whilst I sat on the grass and soaked up the sun.  Oh and we met Spiderman too - apparently he likes climbing and ice-creams as well.

Spring?  Is this really you?

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