Have a wonderful weekend...

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It is like someone flicked a switch.  1st of May, and hello Summer.  These past few days have been glorious.  Days spent sitting in the garden sipping cool drinks, kids bounding around the park, dreaming of holidays and festivals with friends. I feel lighter and happier, the sun does good things to the soul.

This weekend here in the UK is a long one.  We celebrate May Day on the first Monday after.  Many friends are heading to the coast, to camp and have beach side fun.  We are pottering around the neighbourhood, taking it slow yet again.  Our friends have just opened a brand new cafe here in Bristol, so we need to pay them a visit.  A local art studio collective is having open doors this weekend, I love to potter around there, nosing in studios.  It's good to feel inspired by the creativity of others.  

Boringly, I need to tackle the boys bedroom, it has hit an all time low. Remove winter clothes and clothes that too small.  Bring out the shorts and tshirts.  Paint a couple of walls and re-organise. (get rid of toys!!). This will be monthly entry for Lottie's Project Simplify.  And do I need it!!

So whatever you are doing this weekend, have a wonderful one.
Oh and congratulations to Em on the birth of her baby daughter. Well done!! She's a beauty.