Nature in the Home - a series... (Week 11)

Sorry I am a little late today for the link up.  These weeks are seeming to fly by at the moment.

Last Wednesday it was May Day.  So, following the Pagan tradition I filled some tiny jam jars of small blooms from the garden, Cowslips, Forget me Knots & Primroses.  Tied some garden twine around the neck of the jar to make a handle and hung them on my friends doors as a surprise.

Partly to welcome in May and more so to let them know I appreciate their friendship.  One friend said I was like a May Day fairy... I liked that!!  I think it is a tradition I am going to keep and would love to see it spread across the globe.  It made me happy to do it and my friends felt happy too.  A small gesture of flowers... that's all.

So how did we do?  I am loving the foraging, you guys are great at finding some beautiful things.  This week.... I've been thinking on a theme.  Shall we have a colour?  So for next weeks image - PINK!!

Go for it.... what will you find.
See you next week.